★We also offer various things such as excursions and training courses, in which you can experience Japanese culture, produced by Japanese companies, universities (educational institutions) and museums. We also do shopping  in Japan on your behalf.



★We also will take care of requests from travel agencies.


We respond to customer’s requests on a personal travel such as “I would like to do this kind of thing,” or “Can we do this kind of thing?” We also meet company’s needs such as “Please find and introduce a good place for an excursion of tourists from overseas.” We have a lot of old buildings with a history of 150 years in Kyoto, and so there are a lot of regulations. In addition, we have to sometimes use special channels, as people in Kyoto tend to put a great emphasis on personal connections. 


Arrangement fee is not evenly set to certain price. An appropriate price will be set depending on your request. We make an estimate after hearing on your request. Basically, you will be charged an arrangement charge in addition to a local service charge. Also, a special extra charge will be applied to special requests for example of showing the inside of a temple which is usually closed to the public.


We ask for your understanding in advance that in some cases we cannot respond to your requests,please. 

Check here regarding method for payment.

special experience


We can also accept a small request such as “Please take a photo of the cherry tree which we saw during our honeymoon 20 years ago.” We receive not only personal requests but also a lot of requests from Japanese companies such as “Please arrange a unique cultural event, as few General Managers are going to visit Japan from overseas.” In addition, we can accept making up a schedule for an excursion to an international event.

Negotiating with art galleries and museums to hold a tea ceremony gathering or a lunch meeting with their collections in a private place. Appreciating putting on a costume used at a festival only once a year in a special place in a famous shrine. Special dinner in a member-only clubhouse, vegetarian food by priests, and authentic green tea experience. A professional photo session in a traditional and authentic Kimono in temples, and taking part in a festival held in a secluded district and so on. You can choose the one you like from these many suggestions, and we arrange the special and only one for you.


PHOTOS © 247select KYOTO

Solo exhibition, coordination of media contents and videos

Media contents and art are our strong field. We write articles (including translation) about Kyoto, and coordinate media research from Japan and abroad or video and film shooting. In addition, we arrange solo exhibitions at galleries and historic buildings in Kyoto (including the suburbs) for artists both in Japan and abroad.  PHOTOS © 247select KYOTO

Connect craftsmanship and traditional works in Kyoto to the world


We are sometimes requested from the people related to luxury brands or art to arrange a reception in Kyoto for a special customer. Many of those requests in such situations are to take the customer to some studios of Japanese traditional crafts and show how the work is going and their works. We also receive requests from overseas such as “We want to buy this kind of thing and so please find it out,” or We want to make my one and only small lacquered case.” We can help you to go and purchase.  PHOTOS © 247select KYOTO

We travel in Kyoto on your behalf and send you a video. Also taking a video during a travel

From January 2020, the number of requests from overseas to travel instead and send a videotape is rapidly increasing, as customers in foreign countries cannot visit Japan even if they want. In response to these requests, we make up a schedule and travel with a professional cameraman. We also accompany customers to their travel or meetings and take videos and still photographs.  PHOTOS © 247select KYOTO

Suburbs of Kyoto, where the original scenery of Japan remains

We receive requests from repeat customers from overseas who love Kyoto such as “We want to immerse ourselves in nature in the suburbs of Kyoto, as we have already enjoyed most of the famous sightseeing sites.” An hour’s drive away from the center of Kyoto, you can immerse yourself in nature, find traditional buildings, and feel Japanese lifestyle that has not changed since several decades. We have interaction with people in Miyama for more than twenty 


years. Hanase Sakyo, Kyoto is called an inner drawing room of Kyoto. These two areas are mountain villages deep in the forest and are admired by Japanese people. We have built a relationship of mutual trust with local business and work together on boating on a river, harvest of organic vegetables, local dishes using them, and spiritual power spots attracting a lot of people in Japan.PHOTO© 247select KYOTO

Mother's wheelchair project

This is one of the most important projects into which we are putting a lot of efforts.

Our director’s mother had prosthetic joints in her legs because of sick. She could walk a little, but had to move around in her wheelchair. She loved traveling abroad and enjoyed it several times a year with her family. No matter how elaborately her daughter prepared in advance, she encountered difficulties while traveling. For example, she visited Italy to enjoy opera, and the theater was on the second floor. Even though she and her family were repeatedly told by the theater and a local guide in advance that they could take an elevator to the second floor, and so it was possible to move around in her wheelchair there, the elevator they found was too small to take in a wheelchair. Also, the staffs in the theater told her that it was no problem if four of them climbed the stairs, carrying her wheelchair. While she had really been looking forward to go to opera, she decided to wait alone on the first floor due to the fear of risks. All of her family were sad to face this situation.


It cannot be said that an ancient city of Kyoto has sufficient disabled access. There are unfortunately many cases where people feel traveling in a wheelchair uncomfortable. The pleasure of travel is reduced by half if difference in level prevents them from proceeding. Therefore, we respond to requests such as “Please find a wheelchair-accessible temple and negotiate about a visit,” or “I would like to travel alone. Please find a wheelchair-accessible Japanese-style restaurant where I can enjoy tea ceremony cuisine and send photographs in the restaurant.” We also accept a request, “Please let a doll travel on behalf of me and take photographs during the travel.” In response to these requests, a stuffed toy dog in a wheelchair (named enjoy) travels on behalf of you. Part of the proceeds of this project will be used to make Kyoto more disabled-friendly city such as for installation of wheelchair ramps.

* Only manual wheelchairs can be used.  PHOTOS © 247select KYOTO